Main brands represented in our store

SW-Motech was created by three ethusiasts in 1999. Today, they are one of the leading companies in their field, who supply the whole world with motorcycle accessories and spare parts. Well-known manufacturers like BMW, Ducati, Kawasaki, KTM, Suzuki, Yamaha trust SW-Motech's knowledge and experience in developing and manufacturing original parts. The product selection involves luggages, bags safety, ergonomics, navigation and modification accessories etc. When developing products, the most important things for SW-Motech are durability and punctuality. Their products are innovative, of high quality and well-fitting, designed and developed in Germany.

Whatever motorcycle or road you're on, SW-Motech's products can change the ride more comfortable, safe and create only positive emotions!

SP Connect is a trademark of the international corporate group SP United Holding AG, created in 2016. The company itself was created in 1988 in Germany. Their original intention was to produce snowboard bindings. Over 30 years later they're still on the market and rocking a wider range of products! Distributors are in 70 countries and on 5 continents. The production was taken to China in 2002, and is totally controlled by German standards and know-how. Therefore - best quality is guaranteed!

Like said, SP Connect as a trademark was brought to life in 2016. This is world's most versatile smartphone mounting system. The base products are the model-based an universal phone cases that can be combined with many different mounting systems. Attach the phone to motorbike, car, bicycle, arm, belt, tubes, baby carriage, wall etc. There is a special wireless charging module that can be connected straight to the motorcycle's battery. Lately an anti-vibration module was added to the selection, with the aim to protect new phones' sensitive camera system from the vibration from the ride.

NOCO is an US company that was created in 1914. NOCO designs and produces consumer electronics, cleaning products, chargers, boosters and their accessories. NOCO's priorities are innovative design, efficiency, durability and safety. NOCO Genius series multi-purpose chargers are designed with versatility in mind. All chargers of this series are equipped with functions, that are meant for diagnosing, recovering, charging and maintaining different batteries. Chargers are perfect for users, who wish for flexibility and a possibility to operate between different devices quickly. NOCO's most known, Genius Boost series includes 5 different boosters of different power, that are safe to use thanks to reverse polarity, over-current and over-charging protection, spark-free connection. Boosters also work as powerbanks, with what you can choose your USB devices. GB20 and GB40 are suitable for motorcycles. NOCO products are valued by home users and specialists.

Yuasa produces mostly car and motorcycle batteries since 1979 in the US (but also ATV, snowmobile, watercraft etc. batteries). While being the biggest manufacturer in it's field in the US, the company's roots reach over 100 years ago in Japan. High quality and durable batteries are corrosion-resistant, with high starting current and endure vibration. They are designed to last longer than their competitors, they also have slower self-discharge. Yuasa batteries are widely used in the motorsport field. Yuasa supplies such manufacturers, as Ducati, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Honda, BMW, HD, Triumph, Aprilia etc. with original batteries, therefore there's a big chance that your bike had a Yuasa battery when it rolled out of the factory.

Kriega has been producing high quality bags since 2000 - they were inspired by the lack of high quality and well designed motorcycle bags. And so a group of enthusiasts tried to fill that gap. Troughout these years they have built a strong brand that's well-known among motorcyclists all over the world. The products are available in more than 40 countries.

Their bags are durable to every kind of weather conditions, they can be combined and they're multifunctional. The product range also includes 2 sizes of canisters for water and fuel (also combinable), bag straps, adapter plates etc.  Kriega's team and fans sincerely believe that good design is a vital part of a proper motorcycle luggage.


Wera is a company that was created in 1936 in Germany and has reached to the top manufacturers of handtools. Wera tools are being sold all over the world. Product selection consists of over 3000 products and there we can find screwdrivers, ratchets, L-keys, bits and adaptors etc. These tools are valued high by people of different professions - mechanics, plumbers, builders, electricians, also home users. Products created by Wera have beautiful design, they are ergonomic, lightweight and handy. For several years they have won Red Dot design awards. Tools handles are developed to match the shape of the human hand, so they are really comfortable to hold and use for jobs that require precision or force. Everyone finds a suitable or necessary product from their selection.

People from Wera call themselves the "Tool Rebels", that represents their innovative and fresh approach in developing handtools.