Lenz 1.0 LED system + lithium pack rcB 1200
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Lenz 1.0 LED system + lithium pack rcB 1200




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About this product

Lenz 1.0 LED system is made for increased safety and visibility during all leisure activities and for participation in road traffic. It fits over all garments or bagpack and, thanks to the adjustability of the abdominal belt, fits all adult sizes. The straps can be quickly put on / removed via the fast-action fastener on the waist. You can choose between red and white light, permanent or flashing light and 3 light intensivity levels. Working time depending on the regime selected - 14-40h. Reflecting fluorescent strips. Package includes: 1 battery, 1 USB charger, 1 USB charging cable with charging indicator, 1 LED system.
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