SP Connect SPC+ Anti Vibration Charging Module (Chrome)
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SP Connect SPC+ Anti Vibration Charging Module (Chrome)

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About this product

With the Crome Charging Anti Vibration Module, you reduce up to 60% of these vibrations thanks to a specially developed elastomer inlay. At the same time, you can charge your phone inductively while riding. For additional protection and a fully charged battery. 100% weatherproof. Simply replace the compatible mounting head with the Charging Anti Vibration Module and mount your smartphone directly on the vibration dampening module with a 90° clockwise rotation. The Charging Anti Vibration Module is 360° adjustable so you can adjust the orientation to your liking.
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Additional Information

  • Type:
  • COLOR: silver
  • WEIGHT: 0.08 kg
  • SUITABLE FOR: Moto Mount Pro, Moto Stem Mount, Bar Clamp Mount (+ Pro), Clutch Mount (+ Pro), Mirror Mount Pro, Bike Mount Pro (+ XL)