Terms & conditions

Returning goods

A customer has the right to return the goods to the seller within 14 days from the point of receiving the product(s). According to subsection 194 (4) of the Law of Obligations Act, the consumer shall cover the extent of 10€ of the costs for returning goods. We will repay the price of the goods to the customer within 10 days after receiving them back in good order. The returned goods must not be damaged, soiled or showing other signs of use. The goods must also be in their original package. If you have a problem with something you've bought online, you can use use ODR site to try to reach an out-of-court settlement. LINK

Privacy and data protection

All personal data of a customer received in the course of the customer visiting the website of Motokaup.ee and making purchases there are considered to be confidential. Motokaup.ee does not disclose the received data to any third parties; the customer has the right to request the deletion of own data from the database of Motokaup.ee. Encrypted data communication with banks ensures the security of the personal data and banking data of the buyer; Motokaup.ee also has no access to this data.

Period and validity of warranty

For all goods, the period for reclamations is 24 months starting from the date of purchase. Within the first 6 months, the burden of proof of the defect lies with the seller, thereafter it lies with the consumer. Within the reclamation period, the buyer has the right for free-of-charge repairs of the defective product by the seller. If the product cannot be repaired, then it shall be replaced. This decision will be made by the seller.  The right of reclamation is valid only if the product has been used solely according to its stated usage conditions and with suitable equipment. The seller will not compensate damages or defects caused by external circumstances (lightning, voltage fluctuations, lack of ventilation, battery leaks, fire, flood, natural wear, etc.) or handling mistakes. 

Reclamations cannot include training for product use, configuring, maintenance, cleaning, restoration of marketable condition, or elimination of defects caused by disregard of operating instructions. 

In the following cases the reclamation period shall end and the free-of-charge repair services shall become invalid:
•  If the product being taken to repairs is not accompanied by a purchase document of the product or if the data on that document has been changed without authorisation;
•  If the serial number or model number of the product has been changed, removed, relocated or illegible;
•  If the design or look of the product has been changed;
•  if the product defect has been caused by the owner’s fault as a result of incorrect operation, disregard of operating manual, improper keeping or care, or overloading. 

Right of reclamation does not include damages caused in the course of transportation after the handover of the product to the buyer, or caused by incorrect operation of the product, incorrect installation of software or non-purposeful use of the product. Right of reclamation also doesn’t include normal wear of certain parts of the product, resulting from regular use, e.g. manually moved plastic parts (switches, etc.), nor defects which are insignificant considering the purposeful use of the product (scratches, etc.)  If the object of reclamation is fully replaced with a new product, then the product will have a new reclamation period with the same duration. If only parts of the product are replaced, the new parts will have a new reclamation period with the same duration. In order to exercise your right of reclamation, please contact the representative of Sanlab OU via the e-mail address of info@motokaup.ee In addition to the rights resulting from the right of reclamation, consumers shall have all rights resulting from the valid legislation of the Republic of Estonia. 

Warranty claims must be proven with the original counterpart of the purchase or delivery document, stating the transaction date, product name, and serial number or product code marked onto the product.

The seller shall decide about ending the warranty period on the basis of the warranty terms.

The seller will not perform transportation of warranty goods and will not pay for postage fees, unless agreed otherwise beforehand.

Batteries shall be included under warranty only if their defect is caused by the manufacturer. The customer is obliged to notify the seller about the defect as soon as possible.

Batteries are not included under warranty in the following cases:
• If the battery has been charged with incorrect or incompatible equipment;
• If the battery has been subjected to heavy impact or fall;
• If the battery has been subjected to overvoltage;
• If the battery has been subjected to short-circuit; 
• If an attempt has been made to open the battery;
• If the battery has been used on a machine that is not in good technical order or is not compatible with the battery;

If you have encountered problems with a product that you are using, please inform the seller about the defective product by telephone or via e-mail.

If the product conforms to the warranty terms, the seller will repair the product or will send a replacement product to the customer within 30 days, starting from the date of the seller receiving the defective product. If it is impossible to repair or replace the defective product, the seller will compensate the price and the transportation cost of the  product.


The prices and availability of products may change without advance notice. Sanlab OÜ reserves the right to abandon a sale and to repay the price to the customer’s bank account within 10 business days if the goods cannot be supplied. Sanlab OÜ also reserves the right to refuse a sale if a human error has been made when entering the price of a product into the system or if a system error has caused an incorrect price to be displayed (e.g. if a battery costing 100 EUR is listed with the price of 10 EUR). In relation with this we assume the customer to understand that it’s a mistake and the product is not on sale for such a price. Product information is regularly verified and improved. Data may have changed after your last visit. E-shop may display incorrect details in the product information due to shortcomings in the data sheets of manufacturers. In such cases Sanlab OÜ shall not be responsible for correctness of the product data. We recommend verifying the product information via our customer service telephone number +372 621 2625 before making a purchase, if possible. Product images may be illustrative only. Consumer protection information: https://www.tarbijakaitseamet.ee/en/consumer/e-trade