Heidenau K60 Scout 120/70B19 Dual-Sport tire
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Heidenau K60 Scout 120/70B19 Dual-Sport tire

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About this product

Heidenau K60 SCOUT 170/60 B17 72T TL M+S tire is specifically designed for road and off!

The Heidenau K60 Scout tire is a true “50/50″ dual sport tyre. The K60 range of tyres are perfectly balanced for performance on- and off-road. With an improved tread and compound, the tires deliver better cornering stability and wet weather grip on the pavement, while delivering off-road as well. 

The K60 SCOUT is the most unique tyre tread on the market with varying patterns between the sizes. The K60 Scout is manufactured to cater specifically for the needs of each different fitment. Through changes to the tread and carcass, the Scout brings better performance on and off road over the K60 Enduro. With the improved tread and compound, the Scout delivers better cornering stability and wet weather grip on the pavement, but like his predecessor delivers off road as well. 

K60 range of tyres consists of the SCOUT, SCOUT RSA, SCOUT Silica and the ENDURO.

Typically the ENDURO is available for fitments on smaller capacity motorcycles and uses the same tread patter across the size range. As well as offering three dual fitment tyres (front and rear fitment) in the 90/90-18, 110/80-18 and 120/80-18 

Also for colder weather in the Heidenau range is the Scount Silica compound tire, which is a high mileage tire that is more suited to cold climate and wet conditions Compared with it’s higher mileage version, the RSA version of the Scout there is approximate 20% difference* in mileage.Scout Silica is a great alternative for increased grip and feel in cooler conditions. 

Whether you are on the road or off in the dirt. The K60 will get you where you want to go!

The tread pattern with the large blocks is designed for high mileage and excellent performance on road, and gravel grabbing self-cleaning performance off, a true 50/50 tire and keep in mind

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Additional Information

  • Type:
  • COLOR: black
  • WEIGHT: 6 kg
  • MANUFACTURER: Heidenau
  • WIDTH: 120 mm
  • HEIGHT: 70 mm